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Quiet Time with Lost My Name

by Gabrielle Loomis
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One of our favorite quiet time activities is reading a book. Rapha loves his books and he has a few favorites. When I read to him he always has a smile on his face. Reading is such an important part of children’s development. It helps stimulate children’s imagination, listening skills and so much more! That’s why we make reading a priority every day.

For Rapha’s second birthday, he got from his auntie the personalized book: The Little Boy Who Lost his Name. I had never heard about this book before and I was so happy she bought it for Rapha. We have read this book together multiple times. Rapha is only two and he may not get the meaning of the book but, for now, he loves the characters. Now that we have another little boy coming our way, I thought it would be nice if both my sons had this book. I am so passionate about this company that I am truly excited to have partnered with  Lost My Name to show you their incredibly creative personalized books for children!

The little Boy (Girl) Who Lost his Name is one of their most popular books! Your child’s name IS the story in this book! The little boy (girl) goes on an adventure collecting letters of his name and at the end when all the letters are put together he realizes that the letters spell his name! This book brings your child to their complete imagination. It’s super cool!

It is very easy to personalize this book. The website walks you through the steps. You can choose how the boy or girl will look like and what kind of characters you want to appear in the book. You can also click “preview” and see each page of the book. The quality and design (illustration) are absolutely beautiful. This book makes the perfect birthday gift to a child: different, beautiful and creative.

A few other awesome books that they have are:

The Birthday Thief: based on your child’s birth date.

The Kingdom of You: based on your child’s favorite things.

To order any of their books go to www.lostmy.name or click here.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, loves!

Xx, Gabrielle



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