Tie-Dye is Back!

by Gabrielle Loomis

4 Ways to Style and Tips on How to Ease Into the Trend.

Tie-dye is back, and it’s a major trend this coming Spring and Summer. To be clear, I don’t always follow fashion trends just because everyone else is. I like to stay true to myself. 

Anyways, I love seeing the modern spin that designers have made with tie-dye garments. No more 60’s hippie vibes…maybe just a little. 

This tie-dye ombre sweatshirt is THE BEST thing ever! The colors are beautiful, and the fit is just the way I like it: loose. I spotted this sweatshirt at my local Evereve Store. I think as soon as I saw this sweatshirt, I grabbed right away. Even before trying it on, I knew that I was going to buy this sweatshirt. 


  1. Number one and my favorite way to wear this sweatshirt is with leggings and sneakers. In this case, I’m wearing it with my camo Spanks. I intended to take pictures with black leggings, but I forgot them at home the day I took pictures. 
  2. Another great way to wear this sweatshirt is with straight-leg ripped jeans and sneakers if you want a cool and edgy vibe. 
  3. If you are easing your way into the trend, wearing a denim jacket over this sweatshirt is a great way to do it. Again, pair it with sneakers and jeans to make this tie-dye look cool.
  4. This sweatshirt is begging for summer! I can’t wait to wear it with distressed shorts and birks over a bonfire. 

Below, you can shop my entire outfit by clicking on the image. I liked a few different styles and different price points. My sneaks are on sale, they are true to size and very comfortable. Those camo spanks are amazing and the colors are very subtle. 

How do you feel about this trend? Would you wear it right away or do you need some time to ease into it?

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