Summer Polka Dot Dress for all Occasions

by Gabrielle Loomis


You might have noticed that for me this year’s summer wardrobe is all about polka dot dresses. Who doesn’t like a good polka dot dress? I keep finding one prettier than the other and can’t help myself buying them. This green polka dot dress is perfect to wear for all occasions this summer. Either a birthday party, night out with your girlfriends, or date night. This dress will surely make you happy and receive compliments. I would recommend purchasing a size larger. I think the length is perfect, not too short or too long. For reference, I am wearing a size small. I like wearing caramel color accessories in the summer. I think this color goes well with almost anything. This rattan bag is a must this summer. I’ve worn it countless times and it’s super, super cute!

Now let’s talk about why I’m so excited this week…it’s been nearly almost 3 years since I last saw my dad. He and my stepmom are coming from Brazil to visit us this Friday. They are also meeting Alex for the first time and will be spending his 1st birthday with us! My dad is also staying for two months with us! Last time I spent that much time with him was before my parents got divorced, over 28 years ago. I cannot wait to see my family and spend some much needed time with them. I already have some really fun ideas of things we can do here. I am over the moon and counting down the days to see them. I am also excited to take lots of pictures while my dad is here. He used to be a photographer in Brazil so I am hiring him for the summer. Just kidding!

Wishing you guys a beautiful week ahead of you! What are some of your plans for this summer?

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