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Milwaukee Boho Photoshoot

by Gabrielle Loomis
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Hi friends, I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for a while so I finally sat down to write it. I did a boho style photoshoot in Milwaukee with some incredible bloggers and photographer.  My friend Lauren from @laurenhenesy  came up with this amazing vision for a boho photoshoot. She reached out to local Milwaukee companies to work with us and provide what we needed to make the magic happen! Relics Vintage Rentals were amazing to provide us the chairs, dishes, table, swing, and etc. Just look at how amazing the set turned out. The floral crowns really helped  our outfits to stand out. The Pink Peony did an incredible job creating these one of a kind floral crowns. I wish my crown lasted forever.  Brian, our talented and very patient photographer, did such an incredible job directing and shooting. Check out his website and hire him (http://www.brianmattinson.com/)! Seriously, he is awesome!

Riva, Mei, LaurenHeiley and I had such a great time taking photos this day. The set turned out so beautiful that everyone was bummed to take it down at the end!



I wanted to thank everyone who helped make this photoshoot possible. Stay tuned for more shoots like this one.

Have a nice week!

XO, Gabrielle

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