Rad Power Bikes Review and Experience

by Gabrielle Loomis

Rad Bikes have changed the way my family and I get around.

Why did I get a Rad Power Electric bike? This idea wasn’t on my radar until my husband became obsessed with the idea of getting an electric bike. After hours of doing research, he came up to me with literally an “elevator pitch” to convince me to invest in one. He learned about Rad Power Bikes after hours of searching for the best electric bike for the price. He didn’t want to drop six grand on a bike, and that surely wouldn’t fly with me. I have to say, it wasn’t hard for him to convince me after showing numerous YouTube videos and looking at Rad’s website. Now the question was, which bike to choose?

We hadn’t ridden our bikes in years since we didn’t have a “good” bike system to bring our two kids on rides with us. We were both itching to go on bike trips, but what would we do with our kids? They aren’t ready to ride their bikes on long distances. That’s when we decided that the Rad Wagon was THE perfect bike for my husband.

The bike didn’t seem to come soon enough. It only took five days to arrive from Seatle to Wisconsin. The thing is, my husband, he is very impatient when he gets excited, and let me tell you, I had never seen him this excited in the ten years that we’ve been married. He legit refreshed the FEDEX tracking page every 30 minutes for five days until the bike finally arrived.

Fast forward a few days later, I was jealous! I really was jealous. I wanted a bike too. That’s when I decided to reach out to Rad for a collaboration.

A week later, we were assembling a Radcity Step-Thru 3 for me.

Let me tell you; these bikes have changed how we get around, the way people look at us (people stare and wow at us every.single.time we ride), and the way we have fun. We have replaced our cars with our bikes. We do small grocery shopping; we do curbside pickup; we ride everywhere we can go on our bikes. It feels incredible to ride; it feels great to ride “green” and to have fun while doing it. The coolest thing about e-bikes is that you can ride far. The battery can last up to 45 miles, depending on wind, hills, weight, pedal assist level, and throttle.

Now, if you are not very familiar with electric bikes, let me explain how they work.

How Rad Power Electric Bikes work:

It’s not because a bike is electric that you don’t have to push. You have the option to change the pedal assist (the speed) from 1-5. At pedal assist 5, you can go as fast as 25 miles per hour. If you want to get a workout, you can use pedal assist 1 or 2 and still push when pedaling. You also have the option to throttle. That comes in handy when you are at a stop sign and have to cross. The less pedal assist you use, the longer the battery will last. Ah, one more cool thing, when you brake, the bike regenerates power back into the battery.

I think you can tell that we LOVE our bikes by everything I told you so far.

Also, I can tell that in the next two months we will see a lot of Rad bikes in our small town. I can’t count how many people have stopped us to ask about our bikes. One person literally stopped traffic to ask about the bike, and we know of four people that have purchased them so far. My husband and I call ourselves the Rad Couple. People recognize us on the streets.

I hope I inspired you to get a Rad bike. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram or call Rad Power Bikes customer service.

Watch my YouTube video assembling and testing out the bike for the first time.

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