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Outdoor Activity Ideas for Kids

by Gabrielle Loomis
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Sometimes, if I spend too much time in the house with the kids I can go a little crazy. Doing activities outside of the home with the kids keep me sane and it’s fun for me and them!

One of the things that we love doing is organizing play dates with other moms and their kids. It’s nice to share something in common and exchange experiences with other moms.  Keeping yourself busy with the kids and enjoying the beautiful weather is a must for us. When the kids get enough stimulation during the day, they also go to bed early 🙂

A few of our favorite outdoor activities include walking in town and grabbing a coffee for me and a treat for the kids. I love sitting on the sidewalk of coffee shops and watching people pass by. Another great activity is obviously taking the kids to the park. We usually like to rotate parks every week to keep it interesting. Luckily, our city has a good amount of parks to choose from, each with their own flavor. Another thing people sometimes forget about it is to check their local Parks and Rec activity schedule, you will most likely find great (cheap and sometimes free) activities for the kids.

This year we became members of the Public Museum in Milwaukee. It’s really nice when these sort of passes pay for themselves after a few visits within the family! Our museum in Milwaukee is a great place to visit specially in the winter.

My last tip is always keep an eye out for local festivals. In the summer specially, there are lots of festivals happening everywhere. Also, your local Farmers Market can be a great place to go with the kids.  Also, having kids pick their own fruits and veggies at a market is a great way to get them excited to eat healthy!

Let me know in the comment section below your favorite “outside of the home” activity!

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