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5 FAVORITE Blogging Tools of 2019!

by Gabrielle Loomis
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Over the past few years of blogging, I’ve discovered many tools that help me manage my blog. Some of these tools I’ve been using for years and some I’ve started using recently. Whether you are a blogger or not, these tools that I’m going to show you today can be incredibly useful for your daily work life.

Below are 5 FAVORITE Blogging Tools of 2019!

Google Drive

Google Drive is my #1 tool. This tool is so important to me because I’m able to access anything that I save in Drive (images, documents, contracts) through my phone. If I’m not home near my computer and I need access to a document, I have access to that on the tip of my fingers. I call Google Drive my “right-arm.”


Grammarly is a website/program that automatically detects grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in your writing. You can use the Free version of Grammarly, and install the browser extension for  ChromeSafariFirefox, and Edge. If you are writing an email and make a grammar mistake, Grammarly will pop-up and notify you about the error. Since English is my second language, Grammarly has made me 90% more confident when writing a pitching email and blog posts. I recently upgraded my account to Premium, and that was the best decision I made. With Grammarly Premium, you have access to more tools to make your writing even better.


Canva is a fantastic graphic design tool that I use to design images for my blog. When I’m creating Gift Guides for my followers, for example, I use Canva to design it. The program is free, and I find it pretty user-friendly. With Canva, you can also create business cards, invitations, flyers, etc. 

*I used Canva to create the image for this post.


Lightroom, to me, is so crucial because this is the program I use to edit all of my photos. If you only take phones through your phone, you can use awesome apps to edit them such as VSCO, Snapseed, and theTezza app. But, if you take pictures with your DSLR, Lightroom is a must. I learned how to use Lightroom by watching YouTube videos and taking online courses. I used Lynda.com to learn the basics of Lightroom. 


After I heard a lot of people suggesting using Tailwind to schedule your Pinterest Pins, I decided to give it a try. I first signed up for the Free month and after that, I upgraded to the Plus version and I’m paying $14,99 a month. The nice thing about Tailwind is that you can schedule your Pins to go live at high-traffic times and on any day. I’ve been scheduling my Pins to go live around 8 p.m. I make sure to have new Pins every day to keep the momentum going. 
My Pinterest is at 55,000 monthly views and continually growing and bringing more traffic to my blog!

You can sign up here to start scheduling your Pinterest and Instagram posts!

Let me know which tools are your favorite!

Xo, Gabrielle