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How to Create an Easy and Festive Christmas Tablescape

by Gabrielle Loomis
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Create a beautiful Holiday tablescape with things you are already have in your house. No need to buy it. 

Christmas is my absolute favorite Holiday. This time of the year just feels magical to me and I think that’s why I love this Holiday so much. What I also love is decorating the outside and inside of the house with lights, garlands and wreaths, and creating an easy and festive Christmas tablescape to welcome family. 

Today I really want to inspire you to create your own Christmas table decor. You don’t need to buy new things to create something beautiful. You can simply use ornaments that you already have in your home. 

Christmas Tablescape idea


To start, choose if you want linen over the table or if you rather keep it simple (and easy to clean) by covering the center of the table with a runner. Since my kids can still spill food when they eat, I opt to only use a runner for now. If you decide to add table linen, make sure to choose a runner that is bold adds contrast.

Second, gather a few ornaments, real foliage and pines, berry stems, and candles. Candles can be the focal point of your table so start by placing them on the center of the table. Next, gather your foliage and rearrange in a way that makes sense and doesn’t look awkward. Don’t worry about stems showing up. That’s why we have ornaments and other things such as pine cones to cover them. I literally went in my backyard and picked a few pine cones to add to this decor, and I stole some ornament balls from my Christmas tree to add to the decor.

Once the centerpiece is created, it’s time to add plates, silverware and drinking glasses. When I was creating this table scape I wanted to be able to show off the beautiful salad/dessert plates. That’s why I chose to put the hunter green linen napkin under the plate. By doing that I also added some contrast between the two plates. You can also use napkin rings to hold the napkins and place on the place. That’s another great option that adds attention to detail. 

Christmas Tablescape

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and that I helped you get ideas to create your own beautiful tablescape this Christmas.

If you are wondering, the evergreen branches I purchased last year at Hobby Lobby. The store should  be carrying the same ones again this year. they were very reasonable about $4,99 each. The berry steams I purchased from Target, candles are from World Market, candle holders from goodwill, table runner I believe it was from Home Goods.

Tag me on Instagram @colormesassy so I can see how you created your Christmas tablescape!

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