5 Steps to Creating a Gallery Wall with Desenio’s Wall Posters and Frames.

by Gabrielle Loomis

My house walls are pretty barre as I slowly add wall art and decor to make it homier. I always wanted to add a coordinated gallery wall, but my attempt to make it lovely turned into a disaster – the wrong color frame or too small/big for the wall. My failed attempt led me to contact Desenio for a blog collaboration since they offer an abundance of design inspiration and posters in various combinations of colors, decor styles, and finishes.
In this blog post, I share the five steps I took to create a gallery wall with Desenio’s wall posters and frames.

The first step (the easiest) is to select which room you want to add art. I am a firm believer that having a clean and organized place can contribute to a happier state of mind; it can help you be more productive, organized, and motivated in whatever task you have to accomplish. With that said, the second step is to figure out what kind of vibe and style are going for? Do you want it to be colorful? Peaceful? Bold? Surprising?

Category: Nature

I recently added another desk to our office so Rapha could do his schoolwork, and I could do mine. I wanted the office to give a peaceful, creative, and summer vibe so I looked under the nature category.  The palm tree and the beach in Italy posters make me think of summer and where I would love to be every day. When I look at those images it makes me happy and I forget about winter.

The office is not quite ready. I ordered a beautiful desk chair that won’t be here until October. I want to add a larger rug and a few more finishing touches. You can still get the idea of how I want this room to look like.

Category: Kitchen Gallery

I wanted to add art that had some color to add a little bit of contrast to my white kitchen. I bought those two posters under Kitchen Category – one with papaya in the sun (my favorite fruit) and one with an olive branch. The light oak finish of the frames goes well with the mirror hanging on the wall. I am going to order two more prints for the kitchen to go on the opposite side of the wall.

After establishing the vibe and design style, the third step is to get inspiration to find the right kind of poster for the room through the Gallery Wall page on Desenio’s website and Instagram feed. I love that they have a wide variety of wall posters and inspiration to meet anyone’s design taste.

Screenshot image from Desenio’s website

Now that the vibe has been established, and you got a lot of inspiration, the fourth step is to measure the wall space you want the gallery wall to be. This step helps you decide how many frames and posters you want and can fit on the wall.
If you are not sure how many frames you want, I would suggest creating a gallery wall with masking tape so you can see precisely where they would go.

The last and final step is to select what finish suits best the room and the poster image. There are many frame finishes to choose from: black, oak, white, metal, and more.
I’m so happy with my two gallery walls and I hope those five steps to creating a gallery wall will help you make your own!

Xo, Gabrielle

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