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Honest Beauty Free Trial Review

by Gabrielle Loomis
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Did you know that The Honest Beauty (aka Jessica Alba’s company) offers a Free Trial for you to try their skin products? Well, I ordered one for me and only paid the $5.95 shipping fee. What a great idea, right?! I like when companies offer free trials because you never know if you are going to like the product. So, before you invest your money in a product, you get a chance to try it for “free”.
So here’s what you do:
1. Go to www.HonestBeauty.com and select Free-Trial. Once you have selected Free-Trial choose if your skin is dry, balanced, or oily.
2. After you have selected what type of skin you have, add the product to your shopping bag and complete the final steps of purchase.
The trial includes four things: cleanse, hydrate, and the protect skincare products, and a makeup bag. Keep in mind that the free trial products are in travel size (5 and 10 ml). Don’t expect the whole 16 oz. bottle.

My Honest Review

This review is for the oily skincare products (my skin type). I have being using all 3 products for the past two weeks and I am not disappointed.
Honest Beauty Gel Cleanser – I tried removing light makeup with the Gel Cleanser and my face felt pretty clean afterwards. What I really liked about the Gel Cleanser is that my face didn’t dry out. I didn’t feel the necessity of apply moisturizer right after.
Honest Beauty Beyond Protect Oil Free (SPF 30 sunscreen) – The fluid of this product has a thicker texture so you have to spread the liquid for a little longer. The scent is ok, but it goes away very fast. It doesn’t leave a greasy finish.
Honest Beauty Moisturizer – I love how my face feels after I use this moisturizer; soft like a baby’s skin. The fluid is very light and the scent is fine.
From all the 3 products I would definitely buy the moisturizer (my favorite) and the gel cleanser.
Remember: all you pay is the shipping cost. Also, very important! When you sign up, you will be automatically enrolled into their monthly subscription that costs $50 a month. You have 7 days after you have received your free trial to call and cancel the subscription if you would like to do so. Otherwise your card will be charged. If you would like to subscribe then you get 3 products of your choice every month as long as you are paying for their beauty bundle.

Have you tried any of their products? I am urging to try all of their lip crayons. Has else anyone tried these products out?

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