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The Perfect Night Out Outfit

by Gabrielle Loomis

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As we approach a new season, fall, the days are warm but the nights are getting cold. I like how this time of the wear I can mix and match fall pieces with summer ones. I’ve already told you guys my obsession with this top. I am trying to get a lot of use of this top before if gets too cold for bare arms. If you follow me on Instagram (@colormesassy) I’ve told you that I had a nice Monday night date with my hubby and our baby. Monday date? Yes, my hubby had to go into work all weekend so he wanted to make it up to us and took us do Louise’s in Milwaukee. Louise’s by the way, is one of our favorite restaurants in Milwaukee. It has amazing salads, pizzas, and bread! Anyways, go there if you haven’t been. Back to this look, I wanted to pair this top with my new black jeans from Levi’s. I love wearing black jeans in the fall and winter. To top it of I wore these strapped camel sandals from Zara (kinda old). This was the perfect night out outfit for a breezy Monday night.

710 Levi’s Super Skinny Jeans / Shein top (less than $20)

Now let’s talk about Rapha, ok?! He is just the light of the party. He is a social little guy who loves to talk and wave to anyone he see. lol.

I hope you are all having a great start of the week.

Thanks for stopping by,

Xoxo, Gabi

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Sandy September 7, 2016 - 3:40 pm

Very pretty top! I love your style!

Gabrielle Loomis September 7, 2016 - 3:45 pm

Thank you Sandy!

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