The 5 Prettiest Essie Nail Polishes

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Every season, brands release new nail polish colors and the options can be very overwhelming. Once in a while, I like to try a trendy color, but I always end up sticking to my favorite shades: whites, pinks, and reds. To me, these are some of the 5 prettiest Essie Nail polishes that you can wear throughout the year. Pink shades in the summer, darks in the winter, and white shades throughout the year.

From left to right, these are the names of the Essie nail polish colors: Marshmellow, Minimalistic, Secret Story, Bachelorette Bash, and Bahama Mama.

Wich one is your guys favorite?

xo, Gabrielle


  1. Delirium Style says:

    I absolutely love these colors, especially the pearly ones! Such great picks girl!
    Kat |

  2. Thanh says:

    I definitely think my favourite is “Secret Story” I’m a sucker for anything pale pink!

  3. Stephani says:

    I am big fan of light colors for my nails! So I love the first two on the right!! In the summer I always paint my nails white hah! Love it

    Xo, Steph

  4. ttd09 says:

    I am such a fan of the first two. I always find myself reaching for the same 3 shades that all happen to be light pinks. Creature of habit, I guess =)

    Lydia |

    1. Gabrielle Loomis says:

      Pink is just such a beautiful and happy color to wear. I think those are perfect colors to wear during spring and summer. Xoxo

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