The Hottest Sneakers of the Season

by Gabrielle Loomis

Heeelloo friends!

Who is excited about the warm weather? This past weekend here in the Midwest was sunny, warm and beautiful. People were outside fixing their yard, and walking their dogs. We had breakfast outside one day and took Rapha to the park. It’s incredible how the weather can change your mood. Those sunny days were so good for me. I feel so much happier and motivated to get out and do things! I’ve been having crazy mood swings lately and having anxiety about the new baby. I am a little scared of how Rapha is going to react to the arrival of his baby brother, and how busy I am going to be taking care of two kiddos. I know that at the end everything is going to be fine. Have any mamas out there felt the same way? Would love to hear your experience!

Anyhow, I came across those Stan Smith sneakers from Adidas and they were on sale. I couldn’t let this deal pass since I was dying to get a pair for myself. They are still on sale for $60 at Nordstroms (link on the shoes bellow). I am crazy about sneakers and I wear them on a daily basis. They can be very stylish and comfortable at the same time. There’s really no wrong way to wear them! If you wear jeans, wear them cropped or cut off, giving more focus to the shoes. Don’t be afraid to pair your sneakers with a casual dress or skirt. You just have to dare to try them with different outfits.

I have selected a few of the hottest sneakers of this season that you guys will love!

Adidas Stan Smith

New Balance Sneaker

Nike Sneaker

Adidas Gazelle Sneaker


Have a wonderful week, loves!

xo, Gabrielle

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Azanique S. Rawl April 17, 2017 - 9:34 am

Those blue sneakers are my fav! So cute

-xoxo, Azanique

Delirium Style May 8, 2017 - 10:29 am

I want those nike ones! They are the cutest!

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