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When I came to the US over 9 years ago, I was studying English and getting paid minimum wage to watch my kid’s host family. I didn’t have the luxury to go to a nail salon and get my nails done (even though it wasn’t that expensive). I felt like I could do my nails myself and same the money. I took me a lot of trial and error to become good at painting my own nails. After so many years of doing them myself, I can confidently say that I do a “pretty darn” good job, ha. Yes, once in a while I go to a salon to get them done but 90 percent of the time I paint them myself. Throughout the years I have bought so many nail polishes I think I became addicted to buying them. Just kidding. I have tried many different brands of nail polishes. Some of them I will never buy again. There’s something to say about the OPI brand. Their nail polish is of high quality and worth the splurge. I received complimentary from OPI the Lisbon Infinite Shine Bundle Trio 3 plus Top & Basecoat for testing. This Spring nail polish collection offers a range of bright, vibrant hues that highlight the natural beauty of Lisbon (Portugal). I am looking forward to trying all the colors to see which ones are my favorite. I had never tried their primer and top coat before but now that I have, I will make sure that I will always include that in my nails routine. Click HERE to see the full OPI LISBON collection!

The primer helped the longevity of the color and the shine definitely kept the color shiny!

If you want to start painting your nails at home, here are some of my tricks:

1. I always remove my cuticles after I shower since the cuticles get soft in the warm water. I tend to do this one day, and paint them the next day. I do that because there are many steps to getting your nails prepared before painting and I don’t have a lot of time because I am all day with my two kids.

2. Use cuticles pusher to easily remove the excess.

3. File nails, clean dust from under the nails and wash your hands.

4. Moisturize hands.

5. Apply primer, two coats of nail polish and lastly, apply one coat of shine.

If I get nail polish on my fingers, usually don’t bother about it because it always comes of in the shower. If I have somewhere to go after I paint my nails, then I use a little bit of nail polish remover to clean those spots.

Hope you guys liked today’s post! Try out those tips and let me know if they worked for you!

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