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Happy Mother’s Day!

by Gabrielle Loomis
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Happy Mother’s Day to all momma’s out there! Today I am happy to celebrate this special day with my two children, my hubby, and his family. I wish my mom and my grandma lived closer so I could give them a big squeezy hug but instead, I will blow them kisses through FaceTime.

Let’s talk about this dress and those gorgeous flowers, shall we? I am always looking for the perfect polka dot dress and this one is pretty close to perfection. This dress reminds me of a polka dot dress that Julia Roberts wore on the movie Pretty Woman but modern. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to it. I was surprised at the price of this dress, only $45 and it fits great. This is a wrap dress and I am wearing a size small. I wanted to take some pretty Mother’s Day photos with the kids and I thought this dress would be perfect for that as well. Too bad Alex fell asleep in the car and didn’t take pictures. As for those flowers, I received them from Flowers for Dreams. This company delivers flowers to the Milwaukee and Chicago area. For every bouquet they sold, a percentage is donated to an amazing local charity. Their bouquets are seriously beautiful. I would buy them not only for Mother’s Day but for any occasion.


Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


xoxo, Gabrielle


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