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How to Wear Felt Hats in the Summer

by Gabrielle Loomis
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The first time I put on a felt hat it felt weird. I knew it looked cool but could I pull it off? That’s the question that went through my mind at first. Hats are big statement pieces so you have to wear with confidence because people will stare but in a good way. Get ready to receive compliments because felt hats will give you a cool and beautiful vibe to your outfit. 

Since some of you have messaged me about how to pull off the felt hat, I decided to write this post on How to Wear Felt Hats in the Summer.

This Women’s Gambler Hat from GIGIPIP is my greatest purchase this season. This hat is pretty stiff, made with 100% Australian wool, durable, fits perfectly (available in S/M & M/L) on your head, and can go with almost any outfit. Purchase this hat in store at Ryloo or Online at GIGIPIP for 15% OFF plus free shipping in the US. Use code: COLORMESASSY

PS: I actually purchased this hat at Ryloo Boutique in Cedarburg, WI. You can find their website here: https://www.rylooboutique.com/.

If you are petite like me, the smaller and short-brimmed hats will look more proportional to your body. If you are tall, wide-brimmed hats will look better and more proportional to your height. A good tip is to choose hats that the brim stays within the width of your shoulders. 

Felt hats are not as breathable as straw hats so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it on a hot sunny day.  Wear it in the summer cool nights with a cute dress and a denim jacket, or with a pair of jeans and top like shown in the picture. In those pictures, you can see how the felt hat elevated my casual outfit. 

Changing the subject a little bit…I’ve been shopping at Ryloo Boutique quite often. I’m excited that they just added Free People to their store. This black crop tank that I’m wearing in the picture is super darling and it’s from Free People. This top looks better paired with a pair of high-waisted bottoms. The cool thing about this tank is that you can wear it backward too. 


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Have a wonderful 4 day week!

Xoxo, Gabrielle


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