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5 Mama Must-Haves for Before and After Pregnancy

by Gabrielle Loomis
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If you are expecting your first, second, or third baby, you need some special things before that new baby is here. I am actually talking about you, mama! Your new baby needs a lot of things like a stroller, a car seat, newborn clothes, but you need a few things too. Bellow is a list of mama must-haves for before and after pregnancy:

1# To start, you are going to need a very comfortable pajama set. I personally love my maternity pajamas from You! Lingerie. The top has nursing clips so you can easily open and close the bras when nursing the baby. Plus, the fabric is extremely comfortable for a good night of sleep. Check out my blog post about the pajama set.

2# If you want to be free of stretch marks you have to apply oil not only on your belly, but on your legs, and breasts too. This doesn’t mean you won’t get any stretch marks but it will definitely prevent you big time from getting them. On my first, and now second pregnancy, I use pure almond oil on my body. I got this I use in Brazil and that’s what most people use. The more concentrated the oil or lotion, the better. I tend to apply the oil after I shower. Shea Moisture.

3# If you are planning on nursing your baby and you are producing a lot of milk, you are going to need nursing pads. You can purchase disposable ones or the washable kind. Bamboobies sell great washable nursing pads. Bamboobies is a great brand of nursing pads.

4# Nursing ponchos or nursing scarves are a great accessory if you are going to breastfeed your baby in public. You can find them in numerous kinds and shapes. Target Nursing Scarf.

5# Breastfeeding cream is a must to protect sore and cracked nipples. I personally love this brand of nipple cream Lansinoh (Lanolin). I used when I was breastfeeding Rapha and it was a life savor!

What are some of your pregnancy must-haves?

Xo, Gabrielle


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