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Maternity Overalls

by Gabrielle Loomis
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My husband may not be the biggest fan of these overalls but I am! Okay, after I had my hat on, and my Stan Smith sneakers he said: “okay, you look pretty cute”. All he needed to see was the end result! During my first, and now second pregnancy all I look for on clothes is comfort. After all, when you get to your third trimester, you start feeling uncomfortable because the baby inside of you is getting bigger and bigger. I’ve been buying a lot of things from Asos. They have a great selection of maternity clothes and they are pretty reasonable.


This romper I am ready (#2) is almost out of stock, but I selected a few other ones that are really similar to this one.

#1 Maternity Overall

#2 Maternity Overall

#3 Maternity Overall

ADIDAS Stan Smith sneakers

What did you guys think? I love this overall trend. Do you?


Xx, Gabrielle



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