How often do you do things that are out of your “safety bubble”?

by Gabrielle Loomis

How often do you do things that are out of your “safety bubble”?

My hubby wasn’t home yesterday, and I had the kids all to myself. I wanted to do something other than being at home for the kids and my sanity. I usually like to take them to “safe” places where I know I’m most likely in control. If you know my kids, they can be a little wild. As of recently, I don’t go grocery shopping or do any shopping (Target? No way!) with just my boys. They can be a big piece of work!

Anyways, yesterday I challenged myself to take the boys to the Zoo all by myself. I put the “what ifs” to the side and confidently drove to the Zoo. When I saw the mile-long line to the Zoo entrance, I almost turned around, but I didn’t. I told myself, “it’s going to be okay.”

Moral of the story. WE HAD A BLAST! The boys really surprised me. They noticed how busy the Zoo was and actually listened to me when I asked them to be by my side. We spent 3 hours at the Zoo, more than I ever spent when my husband went with us. In the end, I got a Zoo membership.

Doing things alone with children can be scary for some. You have to take a leap of faith, be positive that things will be alright, and believe that you will have a great time! You will only know your limit when you push yourself out of your safety bubble!

Ps: I guess yesterday’s adventure made me really inspired. Sorry for the long post 🙂

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