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Earth Day 2023: How to make a difference?

by Gabrielle Loomis
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Earth Day is April22nd, and this year it falls into a Saturday. So what is Earth Day anyways and how to make a difference? This is an anual event that was first held in April 22nd, 1970. The event was created to demonstrate support for environmental protection and raise awareness of the need to protect Earths natural resources for future generations. I believe that it is crucial to teach our children from a young age to respect nature, and create good habits when it comes to recycling, waste, etc. I try to do what I can to teach my 3 children by being their role model and engaging in activities such as gardening, teaching them how to recycle, not wasting food, and more.

This year, Amazon was so kind to send me a box of products that are environmentally friendly in honor of Earth Day. Some of the products I was already a consumer and some were new to me. I’m very excited to make the most use out of everything that was sent to me. I’ve already done 4 loads of laundry with the laundry detergent sheets that resolve in the washer and don’t come in plastic jug. I already switched all the trash bags in my house for the 100% compostable trash bags. Remember that even doing the small things make a huge impact.

I linked below all eco-friendly products that I received from Amazon. Let me know in the comments if you are already using them! Amazon Eco Friendly products for Earth Day 2023.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd to raise awareness and demonstrate support for environmental protection. This day was created in 1970, and it aims to protect our planet’s natural resources for future generations. Earth Day is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our impact on the environment and take action to reduce it.

As a parent, I believe that is crucial to teach our children about the importance of taking care of the environment from a young age. By setting an example and engaging them in activities such as recycling, gardening, and not wasting food, we can help our children to create good habits that will benefit the planet for years to come. Other things is to keep in mind are: reducing the consumption of energy, riding your bike vs. riding a car, using reusable bags, planting a tree and reducing the use of plastic.

In honor of Earth Day, Amazon was kind to sent me a box of eco-friendly products. Some of the items were already a part of my household routine, but others were new to me. It was exciting to receive them and try out new ways to reduce my environmental impact.

One of the products I tried was laundry detergent sheets that dissolve in the washer and don’t come in plastic jugs. They were easy to use, and my clothes came out clean and fresh. Another product I tried was 100% compostable trash bags. Swapping out plastic trash bags for compostable ones is a small change that can have a big impact on reducing plastic waste.

It’s important to remember that even small changes can make a significant difference in our environmental impact. By making conscious choices in our daily lives, we can reduce our carbon footprint and protect the planet for future generations.

I have linked below all the eco-friendly products that I received from Amazon. If you are already using them, let me know in the comments. If not, consider making the switch to more sustainable options in your daily routine.

Amazon link: Eco Friendly products. Earth Day 2023.

  1. Laundry detergent sheets
  2. 100% compostable trash bags
  3. Reusable silicone food storage bags
  4. Stainless steel drinking straws
  5. Biodegradable dish soap
  6. Bamboo utensil set

Earth Day is an important reminder of our responsibility to protect the planet for future generations. As individuals, we can make small changes in our daily lives that can have a significant impact on the environment. By being conscious of our choices and making eco-friendly decisions, we can help preserve the natural resources of our planet for generations to come.

Xoxo, Gabrielle

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