Top Things to Do in Rhinelander, Wisconsin

by Gabrielle Loomis

It’s no doubt that we had an absolute fun time in Rhinelander, WI. I’ve written two blog posts about our trip there, and you can check them here: Best Places to Eat in Rhinelander, WI & Weekend Getaway in Rhinelander, WI

Today, I am sharing with you some of the top things to do in Rhinelander to wrap up this travel series. 

1.Holiday Stables at Holiday Acres Resort

Holiday Stables is open seven days a week from Memorial Day through Labor Day. If you want to go horseback riding, you have to call or stop by and reserve your time. You ride your horse through a series of beautiful wooded trails that lasts approximately 50 mins. Our children loved riding with us. Horseback riding was probably one of our favorite things we did in Rhinelander. Oh, the Holiday Stables also have a little petting zoo that the kids loved. 

2. Pirate Falls – Mini Golfing

We love taking our kids mini-golfing. Well, it can be a bit challenging sometimes, but we always manage to have fun. Pirate Falls wasn’t too far from where we stayed (Holiday Acres Resort) and it’s a great place to go with friends or children to have a good time.

3.The Hodag

Rhinelander is known for its legendary creature called Hodag. Some say that this creature has been roaming the Northwoods for more than a century. Learn more about the story of the Hodag here.

You can see Hodag Statues spread across Rhinelander. A larger-than-life representation of this creature can be found outside the Rhinelander Area Chamber of Commerce office. 

4.Holiday Acres Resort

If you stay at Holiday Acres Resort as we did, you will find lots of activities to do there. The resort has an indoor heated pool, pontoon boat rental, tennis courts, paddleboat, and 16 feet boat that comes with your lodge rental. 

One of the things we did on our trip was to go fishing and boating before sunset. It felt so peaceful to me in the lake before dusk. 

Thanks for reading and I hope that by now you have a good idea of how Rhinelander is like.

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