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When it comes to dressing up in winter, what I like to look for is comfort and warmth. If I can add in some style, then it’s a win-win. These SoHo Nappa boots from Burlee Australia are not only warm, comfortable and super cute, but they also have a water resistant finish, so water shouldn’t damage the surface of the boots. Water resistant is a great selling point to me because of the weather here in Wisconsin (snowy, and sometimes rainy during the cold months). These boots are made with the highest quality materials, you can tell by just looking at the finish and feel of the boots. I haven’t had a pair of “uggs” in a while and I am absolutely in love with this one. Very different from normal “uggs”, this pair is quilted and the logo is made out of Swarovski crystals. I like wearing this type of boots with leggings and a long sweater. The outfit as a whole goes together really nice.

On a side note, I was browsing Burlee Australia’s website, and I came across a page that talks about how sheepskin boots were first introduced into the market, as well as the process of how the boots are made. I found it pretty interesting to learn that in Australia and New Zealand, the term “ugg” is a well-known standard description of sheepskin boots. Did you guys know that? If you are interested, check out their page about how the boots are made (here).

No inverno eu busco muito o conforto na hora de me vestir. Essa bota Soho Nappa da Burlee Austrália não é apenas quente, confortável, e bonita, mas também tem um acabamento resistente à água protegendo que danifique a superfície da bota. Como aqui em Wisconsin (EUA) neva bastante e as vezes chove nos meses de frio, o fato dessa bota ser resistente à água é um grande plus para mim. As botas da Burlee Austrália são feitas com materiais de primeira qualidade, e você nota isso só de olhar e sentir o acabamento da bota. Eu estou apaixonada por essa bota, além dela ser feita com tecido de matelassê que é bem diferente das botas comuns, o logotipo é feito com cristais Swarovski. Esse tipo de bota eu gosto de usar com leggings e um sweater longo. O outfit num todo combina muito bem. Para quem não conhece esse tipo de bota “ugg” é muito comum aqui nos Estados Unidos. Tem gente que usa ela tanto no inverno quanto na primavera. 











Burlee Australia has so many other styles of boots that I love! Here are some of my favorites:

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