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How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

by Gabrielle Loomis
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I love to wear oversized scarfs this time of the year. They are not only cozy and beautiful but they keep you warm in the coldest temperatures. A blanket scarf is a longer (oversized) scarf that you can wear it in a variety of ways. When I wear a blanket scarf, I fold the scarf in half to create a triangle, then I wrap it around my neck to form a triangle in front. This is a simple and classic way to wear this kind of scarf and also my personal favorite. The other way I like to wear this is like a shawl. You literally don’t have to do much, all you do is throw it over your shoulders as if you were wearing a blanket. Depending on the size of the scarf, you can fold it in half first, then you throw it over your shoulders. I think that some of the reasons why blanket scarves are so popular are because of its versatility, warmth, and beauty. When you wear long sleeves, sweaters, and jackets in the cold months, there are not many accessories you can wear that will highlight your outfit. However, scarfs will.

This plaid scarf that I am wearing is from Ilymix. This scarf is super cozy and soft. Ilymix has a lot of other options for scarves and they are very reasonable.

If you love scarves or is dying to get a new one, Ilymix has a lot of options for blanket scarves. They are only $22.90 and the shipping is free. You can use my code colormesassy20 for 20% off of your order! Check out their website for some other awesome accessories. Ilymix also sell sunglasses, chokers, scarves, bracelets and more!

My scarf here | Other scarves here

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This blog post is sponsored by Ilymix.com. All opinions are my own.


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